• "We were very pleased with your helpfulness and full explanations. The thoroughness of your work was impressive as was the fact that you worked with us in our time zone, which was quite late for you. Our attorney that worked up the final paperwork was impressed and said that your work was very helpful and because of your work, he only charged us half the normal fee."

    Steven Taatjes
    Sherwood, Oregon
  • "You were extremely helpful in guiding and advising us through this process. Thank you and God Bless you and your ministry."

    Mr. and Mrs. James Gregg
    Martinsburg, Pennsylvania
  • "When my husband passed away I was overwhelmed with decisions and shocked by the fact that our traditional estate plan would have allowed more than 70% of our retirement funds to go to the IRS. The professionals at PhilanthroCorp patiently worked through each issue and helped me eliminate virtually all taxes while taking care of my children and grandchildren and providing for the Lord's work at a level I did not think was possible."

    Ann Koontz
    Clearwater, Florida
  • "You were extremely helpful. Without your guidance I don't think we would have taken the necessary steps to draw up a will. I never felt pushed into anything. I felt that I was presented with options and that allowed us to make informed decisions. Thank you!"

    Tamera Lewis
    Logan, Utah
  • "We were completely satisfied with the way in which PhilanthroCorp handled our estate planning; especially the early work of developing a sample plan for us. Then, the patient follow-up was also great."

    Curtis Bates
    Roberts, Montana
  • "The Lord has blessed me with wonderful people to help me decide what to do with his money. Thank you, Dave, and your staff for your patience and understanding. It was a long journey with a fruitful outcome. I couldn't have made it without you or in reflection, would I have wanted to without you."

    Peyton Hurst
    Lake Mary, Florida
  • "Very well handled. The whole process (which could have been very complicated) was done in a very professional, friendly manner. Each person that contacted me 'knew their stuff', was courteous and friendly and got the job done. I appreciated the reminder calls, also. It was a real pleasure to do business with this organization."

    Jon Powell
    San Diego, California
  • "I have had nothing but positive interaction with the people at PhilanthroCorp. Thank you for your skill, spiritual depth and patience with us as we moved through the trust process."

    Paul W. Morse
    Tigard, Oregon

About us

PhilanthroCorp was started in 1997 and exists to help Christian ministries meet the needs of their donors in the areas of estate planning as well as issues relating to the sale of assets such as a family business, land, real estate, etc. In both areas, our desire is to be a blessing to the people we serve by minimizing taxes, providing for families and retirement, and increasing charitable gifts.

For the Christian, estate planning may be the most important act of stewardship he or she will ever undertake. Sadly, the traditional planning approach has been to find ways to pay taxes at the time of death often making the IRS the largest, single beneficiary.

PhilanthroCorp makes our services available to donors without any cost or obligation. We are an outsource solution for the charity client. We do not sell insurance; we will simply study the donor’s information and develop an estate plan that will maximize their goals for family and ministry while minimizing taxes.

Our Estate Specialists are here to help you accomplish your planning goals and help build the Kingdom.

  • Dave Keesling

    Dave Keesling — Dave is the co-founder of PhilanthroCorp and leads the Estate Specialist team. He has been helping people all over the country develop estate plans from a biblical perspective for over 30 years.

  • Jay Haddix

    Jay Haddix — Jay joined PhilanthroCorp in 2002. He received degrees in Business and Theology from Azusa Pacific University in Southern California. Jay has a big heart for people and his desire is to be a blessing in any way that he can to the Kingdom.

  • Matt Poe

    Matt Poe — Matt has a degree in business management and marketing from Pensacola Christian College. He served at Back to the Bible for 15 years in a variety of management and marketing roles, but found his passion for planned giving and estate planning as the Vice President of the Back to the Bible Foundation.

Our Scheduling Team is here to coordinate your scheduling needs with one of our Estate Specialists. They will work to set an appointment that accommodates your busy lifestyle. You will receive appointment reminder calls or emails from the Scheduling Team. They are also available to assist you with any rescheduling needs you may have.

Rosalie Joy
Bev Swanson
Susan Wylie

Estate Planning Process

To begin the estate planning process, our Scheduling Team will connect with you to schedule a telephone appointment with one of our Estate Specialists.

The first meeting, which takes 30 to 40 minutes, focuses mainly on gathering information and understanding your personal goals.


Immediately after the initial appointment, we will send you a summary of the information gathered along with a document entitled, “Biblical Perspectives of Estate Planning”. We then develop a preliminary estate design proposal that becomes the primary focus of the next phone meeting.

During the next phone meeting we will begin refining the proposal. We will continue to do this in subsequent calls until we have finalized an estate design that completely accomplishes your goals.

At this juncture, we will connect with an attorney to move into the drafting phase. We are able to introduce you, over the telephone, to an attorney in our network that will draft your documents at a reduced rate. If you already have a relationship with an attorney, we are happy to work together to complete your estate plan.

The Estate Specialist will continue to work with you and your attorney until you have estate documents that match the finalized proposal. When the documents are executed we send you a binder for the documents and our final design proposal. The binder includes a very helpful booklet entitled "Memo to Loved Ones". We then schedule a final call to review the booklet and help you organize all information to make things easier for loved ones.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to gain professional assistance and advice from a Biblical perspective. You can discuss even the most difficult decisions because your privacy is assured. We do not sell products, we do not serve as trustee and we do not draft legal documents.

You may call PhilanthroCorp at 800-876-7958 or submit the form below for us to contact you.

Thank you for recommending that your friends consider the estate planning service being offered by PhilanthroCorp.

You may add your personal message below and it will replace this prewritten message or don't enter anything and this is the email message your friends receive:

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To learn more, fill out this contact form and a representative from PhilanthroCorp will be in touch to share how their service works and provide you an opportunity to schedule an appointment.

We do not keep or record the names or email information of you or your friends. It will only be used by the automated system to email this message and web page on your behalf.